The rector of the Police Academy, Michelle Hernandez Fraley, presented to the Advisory Technical Compliance (ACT, for its acronym in English), Arnaldo Claudio, the implementation plan to transform the training and retraining and cadets receiving members of the Puerto Rico Police, respectively.
During the meeting, held at the facility in Gurabo, scope and benefits of police reform, the terms of the consent decree, the profound changes that will be developed to promote respect for human rights and the use of unambiguous discussed resources, equipment, knowledge and skills from the military, among other topics.
"Today we present our plan to the ACT and early implementation to route processing in the Police Academy as a training and education are concerned. A route that transcends beyond reform with changes in the culture of 'usual and customary' Police of Puerto Rico, "Hernandez said Fraley.
The withdrawal Colonel noted that "the proposal is focused on transforming the way we think and act for members of the Police.To do this, we will completely reformulate their teaching and training to ensure better performance. "
As explained by the head of the Police Academy, "refocus the priorities of police education to develop leaders in the Puerto Rico Police and promote community thought, cadets and police."
He added that "this phase is the development of syllabi, the process of recruitment of faculty and perfection of courses based on the federal agreement, both for training cadets to training and retraining to members of the Police Department Rico ".
I also insisted that to ensure the highest standards of education and training, "look the Academy has the prestigious accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA)," he said.
Meanwhile, Arnaldo Claudio was interested and attentive to the plan submitted and said "is the cornerstone that will guide the direction of the education and training of the police in the coming years. I am committed to what I was shown today. That will ensure compliance with the provisions, because of being implemented as it ensures the changes you need the Agency. "
He said the plan "modifies malicious processes and ensures the continuity of a police model that truly addresses the deficiencies identified. This plan will be key to a new project for the Puerto Rico Police, "he said.
ACT also said that "one of the central points of the reform is the Academy. To achieve affirmative progress is important to centralize Police Police today morning. The Academy should create a solid base. I agree and we will convince, strengthen and bring the ideas of the Academy ".