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58% of Florida Puerto Ricans: Make Territory a State Based on 2012 Vote

58% of Florida Puerto Ricans: Make Territory a State Based on 2012 Vote 

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new poll found that 57.6% of people of Puerto Rican origin in central Florida believe that Puerto Rico should be made a State based on the territory’s vote for the status in November 2012.
Only 30.4% of those questioned in a scientific survey thought that there was a need for another plebiscite among all of Puerto Rico’s status options, including the current territory status sometimes misleadingly called “commonwealth.”
Issue Would Sway Their Vote
Candidates for public office who support statehood or a choice between statehood and nationhood are far more likely to win the votes of central Floridians of Puerto Rican origin, according to the random sample.
Asked to rate the odds of voting for candidates for public office based on various positions on the status of Puerto Rico, with 0 representing “extremely unlikely” and 10 being “extremely likely,” supporting statehood for the territory scored 8.1, and backing a bill that guaranteed it statehood got 7.5.
Advocating legislation for a vote to resolve the issue of the territory’s ultimate status — a choice between statehood and nationhood — was an even better way for a candidate to win the vote of central Florida Puerto Ricans: They rated the odds of supporting such a political figure at 8.3.
Backing the current status of the Commonwealth, however, drove the odds of a candidate winning their votes down to 4.6.
Statehood First Choice of 64%
The results were consistent with other findings of the survey by a top national political polling company. Sixty-four percent identified statehood as their preference for Puerto Rico’s status.
Federal Action Important to 85%
A total of 85% of the Florida citizens of Puerto Rican origin polled view presidential and congressional action to resolve the question of Puerto Rico’s ultimate status as important. It was “Extremely important” to 37%, “Very Important” to 39%, and “Somewhat important” to 9%.
Only 9% of those surveyed regarded Federal action on the issue as “Not very important” and just two percent answered “Not important.”
Statehood Would Make 81% Proud
A full 81% would be “proud” if the territory became a State. Asked if they agree with the statement that Puerto Rican statehood would make them proud, 60% of those polled answered that they would be “strongly agree” proud, and 21% responded that they would be “somewhat” agree,
Only 15% did not agree, nine percent “strongly,” and six percent “somewhat.”
The responses show that many people of Puerto Rican origin who are not advocates of statehood for Puerto Rico would be happy if the territory becomes a State.
National Political Importance
The poll results are of national political importance. Florida is a State so closely divided between Democrats and Republicans that it is widely considered a ‘swing’ State in presidential elections. It is so populous that it can also swing national elections one way or another.
Additionally, voters of Puerto Rican origin are considered by news and political analysts to be the “swing vote” of this swing State. They have voted for and elected both Republicans and Democrats.
Their numbers are increasing rapidly as migration from the territory to the States has totaled about 1,000 a week in recent years. Most islanders move to Florida, and most of those go to the ‘I-4 corridor’ running from the Orlando area to Tampa, the area of the survey.
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there were 987,663 people of Puerto Rican origin in Florida as of July 1st, 2013. It counted 847,550 in 2010 and 482,027 in 2000. The 2000 count was double the number of people of Puerto Rican origin in 1990, according to the Census.
76% for Statehood: Yes or No Vote
The percentage of citizens of Puerto Rican origin favoring a “Statehood: Yes or No” plebiscite was also overwhelming: 76%.
Puerto Rico statehood party president Pedro Pierluisi, the Commonwealth’s representative to the Federal government, has proposed such a vote. As the sole voice of the territory of 3.6 million people in the U.S. House of Representatives, he has led 131 other members of the House in sponsoring a bill that would provide for an insular vote on statehood.
The bill has sponsors from both national parties, including all Florida Democrats and several Florida Republicans. Most sponsors, however, are Democrats.
Three U.S. senators have sponsored a companion bill. All Democrats, they were led by Martin Heinrich (D-NM). Neither of Florida’s senators are sponsors.
“Commonwealth” Party Opposition
Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla and most of his “commonwealth” party members who control the territorial Legislative Assembly oppose a vote on statehood, but some party leaders do not. They include Garcia Padilla’s predecessor as party president, former insular House of Representatives Minority Leader Hector Ferrer, who has hinted that he may challenge Garcia for the governorship in 2016.
The “commonwealth” party leadership is united, however, in its refusal to accept the validity of the 2012 plebiscite conducted under territorial law and the vote’s results. It supported the current territory status rejected in the plebiscite and failed in its effort to defeat statehood in the vote.
Federal Status Resolution Law
The “commonwealth” party’s refusal to accept the plebiscite’s results led to President Obama proposing and the Congress in January passing legislation for a plebiscite on status options that can resolve the question of the territory’s ultimate status and do not conflict with the Constitution, laws, and policies of the United States.
Puerto Rico’s Elections Commission would make a proposal for the options but the U.S. Department of Justice would have to find that the alternatives meet the requirements of the Federal law. The Justice Department approval would make it awkward for a losing party to dispute the results, as the “commonwealth” party leadership has done regarding the 2012 plebiscite results.
Thirty percent of those questioned in the poll were aware that the Federal government had enacted the law for another plebiscite, although limited to real statuses that can resolve the issue.
The Poll
The poll was conducted by Voter Consumer Research. It is being released in stages by a new Website,www.pr51st.com.
People were questioned between August 20th and September 4th. Ninety-two percent were registered voters.
Voter Consumer Research says that the survey has a potential accuracy variance of plus or minus 4.9% — an amount that would hardly matter given the lopsided nature of the results.
The firm has been praised for the accuracy of its polls by the two national political analysts not identified with a political party who may be the most highly regarded in the field, Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg.
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US Attorney General’s Role in Federal Plebiscite Law Praised

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Puerto Rico’s representative to the Federal government noted that the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder had proposed a Federal law providing for a plebiscite on the territory’s political status.
The legislation enacted into law in January is for a vote on options that can resolve the question of the territory’s ultimate status.
Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi made the statement in response to Holder’s announcement that he would soon leave the job.
The statehood party president pointed out that “Attorney General Holder requested that Congress appropriate $2.5 million to enable Puerto Rico to conduct the first Federally-sponsored status vote in the territory’s history, to be held among one or more options that are consistent with the U.S. Constitution, Federal law and public policy.”
He went on to say that “This appropriation, which became law in January 2014, is the most important step that the Federal government has ever taken to resolve Puerto Rico’s political status.”
In a 2012 plebiscite under local law, Puerto Ricans rejected the territory’s current status, sometimes misleadingly called “commonwealth” by 54%, with 61.2% choosing statehood as the alternative.
The Commonwealth’s governor and majorities in the Legislative Assembly elected at the same time, however, dispute the plebiscite and have refused to honor the results. They had supported the losing current territory status in the plebiscite.
Fearing that their opposition would thwart the self-determination will of the people of Puerto Rico, the Obama Administration proposed a plebiscite under Federal law.  Congress, on a bipartisan basis, agreed.
The 2012 plebiscite was the fourth status vote that Puerto Rico has held.  The first was in 1967.
It was, however, the first plebiscite limited to possible statuses. The three earlier votes were confused by “commonwealth” proposals that Federal officials of both national political parties later said were impossible for constitutional or other reasons.
U.S. Justice Department will have to agree to the options for the Federally-authorized plebiscite to ensure that the proposals can finally resolve the territory’s status question and do not conflict with U.S. law and policy.
Pierluisi, a national Democrat, has led 131 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives of both national parties and three U.S. senators in proposing that the new plebiscite be a simple vote on statehood. His proposal has been endorsed by others, including Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla opposes the idea, however. He wants the new vote to be on all of the territory’s status options — including a new “commonwealth status.”
The U.S. Justice Department under Holder has advised that Puerto Rico would remain a territory under any “commonwealth” arrangement, so Garcia’s proposal would not meet the requirement of the Federal law that the options be able to resolve Puerto Rico’s political status issue.
So many leaders of the Governor’s “commonwealth” party want Puerto Rico to become a nation with the benefits of a U.S. status and oppose Garcia’s continued “commonwealth” territory status that the Legislative Assembly has not acted on his call for it to pass legislation for the plebiscite.

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Puerto Rico Governor Appoints New Chief of Staff | Illegal guns from Florida flood Puerto Rico

Illegal guns from Florida flood Puerto Rico. - Topix

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
#1 Saturday Sep 13
According to a news report today, article published in Noticel, Florida's lax gun lawshas been responsible for flooding Puerto Rico with millions of illegal guns.
Since: Oct 12
#2 Sunday Sep 14
Jorge wrote:
According to a news report today, article published in Noticel, Florida's lax gun laws has been responsible for flooding Puerto Rico with millions of illegal guns.
Perhaps Puerto Rico should loosen it's gun control laws and allow greater rights for those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights? But of course that will never happen because Eduardo Bhatia would rather curry favor with the national Democratic Party ...

There is a direct correlation between strict gun control measures and higher crime rates in the United States. What do Washington DC, Chicago, and Puerto Rico have in common? Yeah you guessed it, they are places with strict gun control measures and high crime rates.

Interior secretary resigns from Puerto Rico

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September 17, 2014 • 17:42
Secretary of the Government of Puerto Rico and one of The most visible faces of the executive, Ingrid Vila Biaggi, Presented His resignation today, Which has occupied since over a year and a half ago This administration of Alejandro García Padilla was established.
"After the intense experience of the past years in public service, it is time to take my Commitment to other ends to continue Contributing to the country," Vila said in a statement she reviewed journal In Which His Work in the government, what will unveil without be devoted hereafter.
The resignation of eta engineer 40 years, with two daughters and educated at the Universities of Cornell and Stanford, will be Effective Friday, ACCORDING Also confirmed the governor, who Thanked "deep work, cooperation, effort and absolute dedication."
"Ingrid has've DECIDED to walk different paths, from which i am sure will Also Contribute to the growth of the country", in a statement Defend García Padilla, Whose government grapples with a Difficult situation of high debt and economic recession, Which has led him to declare emergency tax on the island.
Furthermore, weathers With the loss of confidence of the great American rating agencies, Which have Lowered Their rating to speculative grade, to leave Puerto Rican debt level of "junk".
"The depth of analysis with His sincere and accurate advice always have Greatly Contributed to Puerto Rico recover the correct path" Also Defend the governor, who Praised "his work, I never knew or delivery curfew has-been critical to Achieving the Reforms info we have Aimed in tax, economic, social and administrative. "
Immediately That Arose After speculation about the Reasons for His departure, García Padilla wanted to clarify That "this is not sudden determination Ingrid, but results from an analysis done That has long and was kind enough to share with me always."
In Its brief, Vila, who in the past worked as a consultant in project management of the Water and Sewerage Authority of Puerto Rico and held other public offices Also, said Reached To have the "belief" that it "touches the welfare and development Pursue of Puerto Rico from other points of support. "
In reviewing That Made His Work as Secretary of the Interior cited the complicated trade Negotiations That has-been Involved to Ensure That public employees "accept reduced benefits for the common good."
"I can now, With our heads held high, look to the governor, my daughters and family, in short, the whole country, and declare That I Have Done Everything That has-been in my power, Within the limits During the past years my public position, for it to improve increase the quality of life in Puerto Rico, "I Summarized.
Meanwhile, "we will continue routing to Puerto Rico to get out of the worst crises experienced, lowering unemployment and crime and restructuring public corporations," said the governor for His part, Which did not detail who will replace Vila.
Sources Consulted by Efe Suggest That One of the sounds is the Most names former General secretary of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) Victor Suarez, who currently is the director of the Port Authority.
EFE in Spanish EFE - Agencia EFE -. All rights reserved Is Expressly prohibited without the written reproduction of EFE S / A release.
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Victor Suarez will be the next secretary of the Government of Puerto Rico

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San Juan, Aug 19 (EFE) .- The current director of the Port Authority of Puerto Rico, Melendez Victor Suarez, will be the new Chief of Staff, a post I have officially abandoned today after Submitting His resignation last 17 Ingrid Vila Biaggi.
"Victor Suarez is a proven administrator and public servant. Know the structure of government and public policy of my Administration is to give continuity to the priority projects of my Government to continue routing to Puerto Rico's economic recovery," said Governor Alejandro García Padilla in announcing the appointment.
Graduated from the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Suarez Also has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Puerto Rico.
He has experience in the public and private Both the industries since worked as Operations Manager Colgate-Palmolive and as a lawyer in private practice.
Also, I have served as a consultant to public and private entities in process engineering, project management, restructuring and development of performance indicators.
Also I have directed Municipalities, public agencies and public corporations, as NOTED by the Government of the island in a statement, said Which His successor at the Ports Authority will be Announced "soon".
Suárez, who will Maintain His position as head of the District Convention Center Authority, was deputy of the autonomous municipality more of Carolina, Between 2005 and 2007 and as secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs Between 2007 and 2008.
"I thank the governor the opportunity to serve the country for Such an Important position at the Secretariat of the Interior I will give continuity to the projects Initiated By This administration, I will demand results and agilizaré Those That Encourage public and private investment. This framed in the economic development of the country, Which is our priority, "Suarez said.
The secretary until today the Government of Puerto Rico and one of The most visible faces of the executive, Ingrid Vila Biaggi, on Wednesday Presented His resignation, Which HAD occupied since over a year and a half ago the current Administration was established Alejandro García Padilla.
"After the intense experience of the past years in public service, it is time to take my Commitment to other ends to continue Contributing to the country," Vila said in a statement she reviewed journal In Which His Work in the government, what will unveil without be devoted hereafter.
The resignation de esta engineer 40 years, with two daughters and educated at the Universities of Cornell and Stanford, Became Effective Friday. EFE
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Prensa Latina News - president of Puerto Rico Designates new Minister of the Interior

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Victor Suarez September 20, 2014, 00:45 San Juan, Aug 20 (Prensa Latina) The attorney Victor Suarez was appointed Minister of the Interior to replace Ingrid Vila Biaggi, who resigned the post after Nearly two years as a key figure in the cabinet of President Alejandro García Padilla Puerto Rican.
Suárez occupied Simultaneously wallet Ports Authority and the direction of the Authority of the Convention Center. 's new minister of the Interior, graduate of Law Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, I was Secretary General of the ruling People's Party Democráctico (PPD). Precisely His appointment is seen as a strategy by Analysts as to Strengthen the PPD with a view to the elections of 2016, When It Sees That Garcia Padillla seek re-election. tgj / nrm

Ingrid Vila Biaggi - Google Search

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  • Resignations in the administration of García Padilla

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