Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LongIslander1987 wrote: "He is as dumb as a bag of rocks..."

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» Told ya'-according to PRico's current governor, niuyoricans, stateside
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LongIslander1987 wrote:
He is as dumb as a bag of rocks. The Populares should be reaching out to statehooders instead of independenistas. The statehooders are but 900,000+ strong, they are but a 100,000 on a good day.
They are getting desperate. They say a dying animal who knows he is a goner fights the hardest ...

Historically, they feel they are entitled to define Puerto Ricanness. That's not new.

Agree..., "on a good day". LOL

As for the "populares", they are not "getting"...., they ARE desperate. Their colonialeconomy finally collapsed. They insist the govt. is $71 billion in debt, when it is actually well over $100 billion.

3,000 Puerto Ricans leave for the States, each month.

Crime is everything BUT under control.

Over 39,000 jobs have been lost this past fiscal year, Agapito's first.

Today, in the Vocero, the guy had the nerve to claim that there will be a surplus in theeconomy, next year. 

I have to agree with RHC, Sila, Agapito, Melo, Anibal and so many other colonialists. Their colony lacks the necessary economic sovereignty to develop.

Let's see the kind of "colonial development" they are going to present he federal DOJ Secretary, if any.