Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Indian is a rat!

OMGWTFBBQ: Costumes For Your Pet Rat

Our blog was able to obtain highly confidential and top secret Stratfor report which discovered that the Indian is a rat. No wonder he tries so hard to spy on the American military. This report was confirmed by the timely communications from our helpful, as always, KGB colleagues (thank you, Vitya!). 
The Elite Space Club is up in arms; it contemplates persistently this newly obtained secret information and attempts to process its repercussions. We will follow the situation closely. Our doors are and will always remain open to the new and productive ideas. (N.B.) 
At mean time, Happy New Cycle to everyone: the rodents are out, the year of Monkey is coming in. 
I like my poached salmon well cooked . It should be grilled a bit more. 

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