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Angelina dirigirá a Brad en el cine

Angelina dirigirá a Brad en el cine

Estable pescador que se encontraba perdido - El Vocero De Puerto Rico

Estable pescador que se encontraba perdido

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Por InterNewsService – 4:12 pm
Un pescador que había sido reportado desaparecido el pasado miércoles, fue encontrado este viernes a eso de las 6:37 de la tarde por tres jóvenes ciclistas, quienes después de asistirlo dieron parte a las autoridades, informó hoy la Policía.
El pescador José Antonio Montero Rosado, de 53 años, fue localizado en el barrio Indios, sector Playa Ventana, en la parte posterior de la Tropical Fruit, conocido como Los Mangos en Guayanilla.
Montero Rosado, quien se hallaba desaparecido desde el día 16 de julio, fue localizado por tres jóvenes ciclistas, Ero Troche Ortiz, Carlos Rodríguez Cruz y Omar Baleno Rodríguez, quienes le dieron de comer y le suplieron agua al tiempo que informaron a la Policía del distrito de Guayanilla.
Al lugar se personó el sargento Gerardo Martínez en compañía de los agentes Miguel Rodríguez Candelario y Héctor Báez Irizarry junto a una unidad de Emergencias Médicas Municipal, que le brindó los primeros auxilios.
Posteriormente, el pescador fue transportaron al Hospital Metropolitano de Yauco, donde fue atendido por el doctor Morales, quien diagnosticó insolación y deshidratación.
Aunque la condición del hombre es estable, se le dejó hospitalizado en observación.


Inter News Service (INS) es una agencia de noticias, fundada por el periodista Nelson del Castillo y que tiene su base en San Juan de Puerto Rico.
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They break warning PPD Commitment to the people

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By InterNewsService - 10:25 a.m.
The National Boricua Convergence (conabo) organization today warned the governor Alejandro García Padilla and the dome of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), que performs Their convention this weekend in San Juan, for breaking its election Commitment to the people to hold a Status Assembly This Year.
Conabo Spokesman, Luis Toro Goyco, Accused the president and the leadership of PPD aside his pledge to accept the U.S. Congress "a handout of $ 2.5 million and ordered to hold another plebiscite inconsistent, in Which Both President Barack Obama and Congress hands like Pilate" be washed.
Such action, According to Toro Goyco, alienates the ruling party and its president 54 percent of the people who said "clearly your vote in November 2012 does not want to live under colonial ELA and waiting for action to change the status and the other to group of 'ñangotaos.' "
He Accused ñangotados the PDP industry, led by the governor García Padilla, had misled the country With the false promise of Assembly Refuses to Comply Status now.
Governor Garcia Padilla Announced this week holding a plebiscite in four years With the definitions of status for Puerto Rico to the United States Shall accept, que will determine the U.S. Department of Justice.
As part of the consultation process, the Puerto Rican governor accepted the allocation of $ 2.5 million Allocated by President Obama to the State Election Commission (EC) to educate people In this regard.
The governor Recalled That since 62 years ago, When the Commonwealth (ELA) was established, Puerto Ricans have failed to introduce changes in Their Relationship with the U.S., so this is a good opportunity to Promote to "ELA developed" that, Among Others, Their can Provide solutions to economic and financial problems.
That said Goyco Toro In this scenario "can not sit back, we must be clear That Among the sovereignist, statesmen (annexation) we want independence and decolonization in Puerto Rico, (we are) more than 900,000 voters."
García Padilla alerted and members of the Legislative Assembly That 54 percent of people are aware of your actions and his reelection That Largely depends on the position to assume in relation to projects on the Status of Assembly.
"We reiterate That These PNP (New Progressive Party) who want decolonization can not be fooled with another plebiscite lie, can not allow the hardliners limit the discussion of the status to Which type of ELA will support, discussion must focus on the need for an Assembly of colonial status to solve our problem, "said the Spokesman of the National Convergence Boricua.
A PNP Demands at present Embodiment sector, yes or no consultation statehood, while another stresses the need to request the inclusion of Puerto Rico to the United States as a first step towards full membership as a state 51 of the North American Union.
ELA Soberano Toro Goyco Proposed supporters in the PDP, the Alliance pro Free Association (ALAS) and PROELA, the Puerto Rican Join with Independence Party (PIP), the National Hostos Independence Movement (MINH) and the Union Sovereignty Movement (MUS), as conabo, Arise work together Toward a Status Assembly.
Despite The Toro Goyco proposal, including non-members, the so-called civil society and members of the PNP, not full matches Between Organizations towards an immediate goal beyond Their rejection of the governor's proposal García Padilla


Inter News Service (INS) is a news agency founded by journalist Nelson del Castillo and is based in San Juan de Puerto Rico.
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MH17: the evidence against Russia | World news

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Buk missile system on video said to be eastern ukraine hours before aeroplane crash
A still from an unverified video said to show a Buk surface-to-air missile battery being driven along a road in eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014, hours before Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed. Photograph: EMPR/Barcroft Media
Social media
A posting on an account linked to a pro-Russia separatist leader in Ukraine, on a Russian social network site, claims that militants shot down at least one Ukrainian military plane near the Donetsk region town of Torez. The post has been deleted.
Ukrainian government adviser Anton Herashchenko claims the plane was hit by a missile fired by a Buk SA-11 launcher, a Russian-made, surface-to-air missile system. Photographs of such a launcher in the town of Snezhne, near the crash site, appear on the internet. Later, photographs of a Buk being moved on a transporter from Ukraine to Russia appear.
The intercepts
Ukrainian authorities release a recording they claim is a conversation between pro-Russia militants admitting to shooting down the plane. A rebel fighter going by the nom de guerre of "Major" is heard telling another comrade called "Grek" that a group of fighters had brought the airliner down. "The plane broke up in the air, near the Petropavlovskaya mines. The first [casualty] has been found. It was a woman. A civilian," he says. At 5.42pm, "Major" acknowledges the plane was civilian: "Hell. It's almost 100% certain that it's a civilian plane."
In another recording, a Russian officer called Igor Bezler is apparently heard reporting on the downing of the jet to his superior in Russian military intelligence, Colonel Vasily Geranin: "A plane has just been shot down ... They've gone to search and photograph the plane. It is smoking."
In a third conversation, a rebel fighter says: "It turned out to be a passenger plane. It fell in Hrabove area. There's a sea of women and children ..."
Satellite detection
Satellite images show a plume of smoke left by a ground-to-air missile. The images help to compile an intelligence analysis shared with the UN security council by US ambassador Samantha Power, which she claimed showed the airliner was "likely downed by a surface-to-air missile, an SA-11, operated from a separatist-held location in eastern Ukraine". The location of the missile launch appears crucial.
"It strains credulity to think [the missile] could be used by separatists without at least some measure of Russian support and technical assistance," said Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby.
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