Monday, November 24, 2014

Mike Nova comments on the previous posts:This "murder most foul" has to be investigated in utmost depth and very thoroughly.

Mike Nova comments on the previous posts: 
This "murder most foul" has to be investigated in utmost depth and very thoroughly. Even in Puerto Rico, people do not usually kill for reason of eviction or threat of eviction. The picture of this crime is more consistent with the demonstrative, execution type of killing. The immediate culprits are probably just hired: paid or induced hands. The central part of this crime seems to be the military background of its target. The Peru connection is also, most likely just a convenient cover aimed to mislead and deflect attention from the ultimate customers who might have ordered this murder for hire, as it appears to be. 
Another telling point is that Reuters preferred not to reveal the name of its correspondent in San Juan, the author of this article. If it is so, it tells us volumes in one line (or its absence) about the security situation on the Island, contrary to the official advertising about "Un Puerto Rico más seguro". My own, VHaSPO, can be deduced. 
I think that this is another sign of "Puerto Rico Syndrome", which demands very close Federal attention, in addition to what is, undoubtedly and appreciably, already focused on it. I wish that we will eventually get to the bottom of this despicable crime and will eventually take all the necessary corrective actions. Like many of us, I mourn the victims. I wish I would have a sergeant as good as him, if I were to serve.