Monday, July 11, 2016

What did Chavez get in return?

And now let us go figure out the security and counterintelligence implications of this affair. What did Chavez get in return? I doubt that he did it just out of his pure love for the Puerto Rican people. Did he get some favourable terms in immigration matters, to get his agents on the Island, and then to the US mainland, for his (and Russian and Iranian Intelligence) purposes? 

"I was told that Puerto Rico came on his agency’s radar years ago because the head of the PREPA fuel purchase office started making direct calls to the then-president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. An agency listened in and found out that PREPA was buying sludge oil from Venezuela and billing the utility for high grade oil. The difference in value—hundreds of millions per year (today it would be $700 million a year and is said to be still going on)—was allegedly kicked back to the fuel office manager and distributed to politicians and government officials on the island.
As the unnamed government agency continued to listen in on the calls, the caller claimed it became clear that family members of Puerto Rican FBI agents and family members in the Puerto Rico U.S. Attorney’s office were receiving payments based on these “kickbacks.”
He went on to tell me that the Puerto Rico’s FBI office and U.S. Attorney will do nothing about the oil kickback scheme and the bond rating scheme because they were participating in it."

Were some of the stolen money ("today it would be $700 million a year and is said to be still going on") diverted to sponsor the anti-American activities? 
To confiscate the stolen property from the Puerto Rico government thieves is not enough. This is a grave and alarming matter which might be just a tip of the iceberg, and it demands the very thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive investigations, from all points of view and angles, including the local branch of the FBI, the Police, and DOJ, for at least last 10-15 years. 

And now tell me that everything is fine and dandy. 

Michael Novakhov